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Welcome to VT-CORNET!


The VT COgnitive Radio NEtwork Testbed (VTCORNET) is a collection of Cognitive Radio nodes deployed throughout a building on the Virginia Tech main campus. The testbed is openly available for the purposed of performing advanced Cognitive Radio Network.

In the near future, the testbed will consist of a total of 48 Software-Defined Radio nodes, located in the ceiling throughout the newly built ICTAS building. There are to be 12 nodes per floor, each with a varying distance between the neighboring nodes. In addition to the static 48 nodes deployed in the ceiling, low-power mobile nodes will also be available in order provide a research environment that accomodates a wide variety of research topics.

Through a combination of a highly flexible RF front end, and an openly available Cognitive Radio Open Source System framework, VT-CORNET provides a unique collection of resources to researchers who don't have the ability perform advanced experiments due to limited exposure to Software-Defined Radio and Cognitive Radio platforms.

Starting Points